Bringing Awareness to Social Needs

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Surfr App

It’s like Yelp for Surfers

Surfr allows users to document their surf life.

The latest version affords users the ability to add underserved communities to the DISCOVER map by simply dropping a pin and tagging the location with a social good category like Clean Water or Medical Supplies. Likewise, surfers can add travel resources to the map like: hostels, cafes, bars, and other surf spots that aren’t currently demarcated.


Surf Report

  • Wave Height
  • Swell Direction
  • Wind Speed & Direction
  • Air & Water Temperature

Surfr Posts

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Discover – Surfr Logs Sessions in the Black Sea

Logging Sessions in Bulgaria “Hey guys, I noticed that the Black Sea is missing from your map! I live in Bulgaria, we may not be a surf mecca, but we do have some decent waves in autumn and winter. So please check that map dudes!” When I received an email from Bulgaria asking to add spots in the Black Sea, I didn’t know what to think at first.  Who knew the Black Sea had waves…  Anyway, we took that request to heart and said yeah you need to log your […]

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Discover – Surfr Promotes Social Good Near Surf Spots Around The World

The iOS app, Surfr, is a surf journal that crowdsources social good and travel resources near surf spots around the globe. Since the latest update, users have been adding spots in Bulgaria, Colombia, and Indonesia among other parts of the world. Surfr launched in late November 2013 and quickly expanded to over 50 countries. With the latest update users in those countries are able to address communities in need of CLEAN WATER, MEDICAL SUPPLIES, and other social good categories by adding spots to the DISCOVER MAP in the app. With […]

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Jacksonville Magazine Tells the Story of Jason SurfrApp

When thinking about Creative Marketers, there are several people that come to mind that do it well and Jason SurfrApp is one of those people.  We own his last name and the by line of his book “Creativity for Sale” that will be released in 2014.  He’s published in every major media outlet and it’s exciting to know that we’ll be featured in his upcoming book. Jacksonville Magazine recently wrote an article about his story.  You can find an excerpt below. “One of the first questions I had for Jason […]

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Discover – 3 Things to Do When Traveling to Bogota

If you find yourself traveling to Bogota the capital of Colombia, a major hub in South America, you might want to consider staying a few nights.  Although, it isn’t a surf destination the city has a lot to offer in the way of arts, culture, food and scenery. I’m sitting here writing this post from De Una Travel Bar on the South corner of Calle 11 and Carrera 3.  It’s been raining most of the day but fortunately this little gem of a place is bright enough in spirit to […]

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Surfr Stories – Happy Walls Director Carly Mejeur

Surfr Story Interview by Joe Pregadio  I’ve had this recurring daydream, probably since I was old enough to start watching the news and experience real life. In my reverie, I imagine the social changes I could implement if I became king. I’m confident to admit this for the first time publicly, because I’m certain we all do it. If you tune in, you’ll recognize that monarch daydreamers abound, pronouncing brutal, unfiltered fantasy judgements when someone cuts them off on a wave, or when they witness the financially blessed of our […]