Surf with Purpose | Social Good Near Surf Spots

Mar 20
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Surf with Purpose | Social Good Near Surf Spots

The iOS app, Surfr, is a surf journal that crowdsources social good and travel resources near surf spots around the globe. Since the latest update, users have been adding spots in Bulgaria, Colombia, and Indonesia among other parts of the world.

Discover-iphone5Surfr launched in late November 2013 and quickly expanded to over 50 countries. With the latest update users in those countries are able to address communities in need of CLEAN WATER, MEDICAL SUPPLIES, and other social good categories by adding spots to the DISCOVER MAP in the app.

With third world countries in mind, the founders of Surfr sought to bring awareness to these areas in need by documenting the location of underserved communities on the app. Users can simply click on the map of the world (in the app), tap on a spot and select from one of the color coordinated category options: SOCIAL GOOD, SURF SPOT, RESTAURANT, LODGING then drop a pin on that location for other users to see.

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“Surfers travel to some of the most remote locations on the planet and come across communities in need all the time but have little to offer in the way of support.” Chris Callahan – Co Founder

In addition to crowdsourcing social good spots users can reference the map for travel related resources.

“These new features allow surfers to surf smarter and give back while on surf trips. The goal is to ultimately disseminate the social good data to the proper organizations and to bring awareness to other surfers about these areas in need.” Nick Mohnacky – Founder

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