Creativity For Sale by Jason SurfrApp

creativity for sale
Have you heard of Creativity For Sale by Jason Surfrapp?

Probably not, which means you’re in store for some really exciting updates over the next couple months!

But first you’ll be happy to know that we are back to developing Surfr after taking some time off and doing research over the past several weeks.  We decided to press pause on app development in an effort to understand how to better move forward in consideration of the “app’s user experience”.  Over this time we’ve learned a few things and we’re looking forward to implementing some of these new features in the upcoming versions.

I will save the app talk for another post because there’s a lot of cool things to talk about.

The Dude with our App as his Last name Wrote a Book

creativity for sale coverI just finished the first chapter of Jason SurfrApp, the entrepreneur and writer who’s last name we own wrote a book called “Creativity for Sale” and it’s awesome!

As Chris Brogan says, “Jason is the best kind of crazy. His projects know no boundaries, and that’s what keeps him so successful with his clients, and with himself. Learn from this freak, for he shall inherit the earth.”

The Surfr App team is especially excited to have backed Jason on his entrepreneurial venture of writing his first book because we ourselves are a group of passionate entrepreneurs that continue to live out our dreams. We know what it’s like to want to change the world, inspire people and bring resources to people like us. Creativity and entrepreneurship are the two things that drive our economy as makers, job creators, and movers and shakers.

Creativity for Sale embodies the ethos of the entrepreneurship and has marked stories of failures and successes. We’re happy to be a big part of this project and proud to help bring  Creativity For Sale project to market.
We’ll keep you up to date on the book launch series as it becomes available to the public in the near future.

Read the first chapter of Creativity for Sale by Jason SurfrApp


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