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Draw & Wings.

Such a still water Even the dragonfly Splash it with the tail. - Tan Taigi, 1709-1771 japanese haiku poet

Draw & Wings.

Cutting a pear, sweet drops drip from the knife. -Masaoka Shiki 1867-1902 japanese haiku poet #japan #haiku #shiki #poetry)

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Nouilles au bœuf, sauce barbecue à l’asiatique

haiku~ rise up in joy Cindy Smith

Daily Haiku by Tyler Knott

Daily Haiku on Love

Haiku 64

#haiku by Pepper Blair #poems #poetry

Master Sheng Yen

Poetry Prompt – A Haiku from your Window

So you are not disturbed inside

Michael McClintock Poetry

Haiku poem: what's left of today -- by Michael McClintock.

Draw & Wings.

Draw & Wings.

An evening breeze ; water laps at the leg of a blue heron. - Yosa Buson 1716-1783. Major Japanese haiku artist #haiku #buson #japan

a wanderer, first winter rain

Haikus Can Amuse : 366 Haiku Starters (Paperback)

Discover the creativity this haiku journal will unleash in you! Explore your emotional responses as you complete unique poems with first line prompts provided on each page and space to reflect on your inspiration. There are 366 pages (because every year should have an extra day!) numbered simply 1-366 with space for you to fill in your own day and date (because you don't need the stress of a daily requirement). Use the first line of 5 syllables to inspire a thought or memory, and then complete the haiku on the next two lines with 7 syllables on

Nadine Tomlinson

Enjoy life immensity

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